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4" Trimless Multiple, 3 Head LED Gimbal, Black Finish, Selectable CCT.
LED 3” Regress Gimbal Square, Brushed Brass Finish, Selectable CCT.
5 Inch LED Edgeless Round Surface Mount

Download the Goodlite Product Catalog

Download the Goodlite Product PDF Catalog


Summer 2022

Switching perspectives since 1979

Goodlite has brought light into residential, commercial and industrial spaces for nearly 40 years. To this day, our goal remains to highlight the good in our consumers’ lives. We believe the world is a beautiful place, and are inspired to help more people see more things in a GoodliteTM.

Fluorescent Catalog

Goodlite Products Fluorescent catalog

Some of our innovations

LED Bulbs & Panels

Bulbs that produce clean, even, flicker free light. LED panels that take energy efficiency to the edge-to-edge.

Fluorescent & CF Bulbs

For home and commercial use. Enjoy brilliant shine, reliable light, and lower utility bills all year long.

Luminaires & Mounts

Appealing design meets mechanical genius. Smooth spring action and flush mounting ensure easy install.

Inset Stair Lights

Start on the light foot. Designed to embed in your staircase, our stair lights cast a gentle glow perfect for night time safety.

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